Grace Gospel Church leadership believes that Biblical church membership is important because the church presents God’s witness to Himself in the world.  It displays His glory.  It is the means by which non-Christians can justifiably witness God’s holiness, grace, and power for saving and transforming lives.  We believe that all of God’s chosen people are called to commit to attend, love, serve and submit to a local church.

Please take some time to read our Doctrinal Statement. Our Doctrinal Statement can also be found here.

Once you have decided that membership is something you would like to pursue, please fill out Membership Application Page 1 and Membership Application Page 2 and return them to the church office. You may also email them to

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Service Times & Directions

Weekend Services

Sunday - 1st Service: 8:30 AM

Sunday - 2nd Service: 10:30 AM

Weekday Services

Thursday Evening: 7:00 PM

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3049 County Street
Somerset, MA 02726
(508) 675-7844